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Here’s a New Way To Get Lots More Appraisals Fast!

Acclaimed Real Estate Coach, Lisa B will host this ground-breaking webinar, featuring master marketer, John Dwyer.

John is a “marketing maverick” who has a habit of devising concepts for real estate agents that break records.

He’ll be presenting a jaw-dropping NEW way for you to get appraisals, where you can offer homeowners a Free Holiday (3 to 7 Nights) in return for letting you provide them with an appraisal.

And homeowners have a choice of idyllic Aussie destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns etc… international locations in the US, Europe, Canada, Sth America & Asia.

John’s company has been able to secure “unsold hotel rooms” & therefore can offer these getaways to agents who want more appraisals really fast.

Can you imagine the impact such an offer would have on homeowners in your farm area!

See How You Can Score $1,000 Holidays For “Pittance” - & Use Them As An Appraisals Drawcard!

And wait for it, on this webinar, you’ll see that the Holidays normally cost agents $97…….but they’ll be available on the webinar for WAY LESS than that – so DON’T miss this webinar.

One thing’s for sure – you won’t see an “appraisals juggernaut” like this too often – so make sure you register & enjoy the “marketing magic” that this “outside-the-box” thinker delivers!

This guy is a marketing genius – so if you need more appraisals now, you should make this a “must-go” event.

Enjoy Postcodes Exclusivity – Means Your Competitor Agents Can’t Match Your Incredible Appraisals Offer

One of the great things about this appraisals concept is that you get “exclusivity” of a number of postcodes, blocking out local agents from competing with you!

Imagine being “the only player in town” with THIS appraisals’ magnet!

Say goodbye to your competitors.

Learn This Formula From An Expert...


Watch This Short Video – John Dwyer Explains What You’ll Learn On The Webinar

John is probably the “King” of INCENTIVE-BASED MARKETING globally, a marketing guru who specialises in showing businesses how to use “direct-response marketing” tactics.

He has been the “go-to guy” for big guns like News Ltd, KFC, 7 Eleven, McDonalds, Westfield, Disney, Warner Bros & more – when they want “top-shelf advice” for INCENTIVES that can skyrocket revenue for them.

On this webinar, John will be pulling back the curtain on his “real estate appraisals’ formula” & showing you how you can “turn on the appraisals tap” whenever you want to.

Oh…..& he’s also the guy who Jerry Seinfeld trusted with his last advertising campaign……one that was a smashing success & involved Free Holidays.

So if you’re looking for a “silver bullet” to gain more………LOTS MORE…….appraisals, THIS IS ONE WEBINAR you don’t want to miss.

John has crafted more promotional offers & incentives for businesses than probably anyone on the planet – & this “appraisals one” for the real estate industry is up there with his best ideas.

Imagine The "Appraisal Response" You’d Get From Letterbox Brochures Or Facebook Ads Like These!

On the webinar, John will be demonstrating WHY the same old “letterbox flyers” (inviting homeowners to get a free appraisal) are no longer working like they used to.

And why your “appraisal Facebook ads” are probably also generating the sound of crickets in the background.

He’ll show you HOW to add rocket-fuel to your letterbox brochures & Facebook ads – & he’ll showcase real examples of “appraisals marketing” THAT WORKS.  

This “incentive-based” marketing tactic has had an avalanche effect for countless clients of John’s – it’s simple, impactful & easy to implement.

In short, it’s a jaw-dropping way for you to escape the real estate “sea of sameness”……as no longer will your offers be the same as other agents.




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This Gold Coast Agent Invested Just $1,300 &
Got An Instant Return Of $47,500!

Paul Sheehan

During the webinar, John will showcase how this Coolangatta agent used this promotional concept to quickly gain 3 new listings instantly & enjoyed commission of $47,500.

John will demonstrate exactly what this agent did & HOW such a stunning result was achieved – fast & cost-efficiently.

Even Seinfeld Thought A Free Holiday Was A Powerful Homeowner Incentive!

And let’s not forget that it was John who scored the “marketing coup” of the decade when he convinced Jerry Seinfeld to be spokesman for an Aussie bank’s “FREE HOLIDAY INCENTIVE!”

John produced the Greater Building Society’s home loan campaign – where none other than Jerry Seinfeld invited people to “Swap Their Home Loan & Get A Free Holiday!”

The “Free Holiday” for homeowners campaign broke lending records & is folklore in the banking industry – globally!


So the “free holiday” concept has already PROVEN to be a massive drawcard to homeowners.

And that was when homeowners went through a pile of paperwork for a “home loan”.

Imagine how much easier it is IN YOUR CASE……you’re simply inviting them to accept a “free home appraisal” – that’s a walk in the park for homeowners compared to getting a home loan!

How could any homeowner say “no” to an offer like that?

* Travel not included & booking & service fees are applicable – also Terms & Conditions apply.

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