Learn How To Attract More Customers With




Learn How To Attract More Customers With




Wednesday 17th at 12 NOON & 7PM (Just 45 Mins Length)

Discover HOW You Can Boost Sales Of Your Products Or Services With “INCENTIVE-BASED MARKETING!”

This short 45 min webinar could be a very timely “game-changer” for you if you’re looking for a “reboot strategy” from lockdowns.

You’ll learn how “incentive-based marketing” is an insanely powerful customer-attraction tool that only a tiny percentage of businesses actually use (because MOST biz owners fall into the “price-discounting” trap!).

And you’ll see WHY this form of marketing might just be “the heart-starter” your business needs as you head into the summer season.

Big companies like Maccas & Amazon have been exploiting this tactic for years – attracting new customers with the lure of a “FREE BONUS” (or what we call anincentive”).

And now it’s your chance to swipe the concept of “incentive-based marketing” & use it to attract more revenue for YOUR business.

Learn This Formula From An Expert – John Dwyer

The “King” of INCENTIVE-BASED MARKETING in Australia is John Dwyer, a marketing maverick who specialises in showing businesses how to use “direct-response marketing” tactics.

John has been the “go-to guy” for big guns like News Ltd, Woolworths, Fairfax, KFC, 7 Eleven, Westfield, Channel 9 & more – when they want “top-shelf advice” for INCENTIVES that can skyrocket revenue for them.

On this webinar, John will be pulling back the curtain on his unique “system” for choosing the right incentive for your products or services.

He’ll be showing WHAT works & WHAT doesn’t…….& WHY!

So if you’re looking for a “silver bullet” to reboot your business post-lockdown, THIS IS ONE WEBINAR you don’t want to miss.

John has crafted more promotional offers & incentives than probably anyone on the planet!

Discover How Incentives Can Instantly Take
Your Prospects'Eyes OFF THE PRICE

Whether it be incentives like “Cookware Collections” for retail businesses, “Adopt A Teddy” for shopping centres or “Free Beer” to attract landscapers to a turf farm, he has the Midas touch when it comes to devising INCENTIVES that pack a wallop!

Wait till you see his “case studies” where he’ll show you businesses that have DOUBLED & EVEN TRIPLED revenue instantly due to adding a clever “incentive” to their offers.

You’ll be able to grab this incentive formula & start using it in your business the next day.

It’s your chance to benefit from his wisdom on this webinar – & discover HOW to take your prospects’ eyes OFF THE PRICE.

(You KNOW “price-discounting” destroys your brand & is simply NOT sustainable)


Macca’s has generated BILLIONS of dollars of income with the “FREE TOY GIVEAWAY” in their Happy Meal.

Likewise, Kellogg’s with the “Free Gift” in their breakfast cereal boxes!

Amazon smashed all sales projections with the launch of their “Amazon Prime” membership program – due to their “Free 2 Day Shipping” bonus & other perks like “Free Movies & Music”.

And closer to home, Harvey Norman steals market-share like crazy due to the clever incentive of “3 Years’ Interest Free Finance”.

John will show you HOW you can use this very same “INCENTIVE TACTIC” to drive more sales for your business – it’s easy when you know HOW!

Imagine being able to offer new clients a FREE AUSSIE LUXURY HOLIDAY worth up to $900 When They Buy From You!

John will also showcase a marquee “incentive” that is achieving spectacular results for businesses all over Australia & New Zealand.

It’s a Free Getaway incentive where you offer prospects a FREE AUSSIE HOLIDAY FOR TWO (worth up to $900) when they buy from you……..& you pay just $97 for each holiday.

And your customers have the choice of dozens of 4 Star Tripadvisor rated resorts & hotels across Australia & NZ.

There’s no timeshare presentations or silly conditions – John’s company has been able to secure “unsold hotel rooms” at 4 Star Resorts & therefore can offer these getaways for this insane price.

One thing’s for sure – you won’t see a “leads & sales juggernaut” like this too often – so make sure you register & enjoy the “marketing magic” that this “outside-the-box” thinking delivers!

Let’s face it……..if you were one of two similar businesses vying for the same customer at around the same price – but YOU offered the prospect a FREE AUSSIE OR NZ HOLIDAY, “which” business do you think would win?

The webinar is worth attending JUST FOR THIS JAW-DROPPING IDEA!

Even Seinfeld Thought It Was A Good Idea!

And let’s not forget that it was John who scored the “marketing coup” of the decade when he convinced Jerry Seinfeld to be spokesman for an Aussie bank’s “FREE HOLIDAY INCENTIVE!”

John produced the Greater Building Society’s home loan campaign – where none other than Jerry Seinfeld invited people to “Swap Their Home Loan To The Greater & Get A Free Holiday!”

The “Free Holiday” campaign broke lending records & is folklore in the banking industry – globally!

Again, this is one webinar YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS – particularly if you want to escape “price-discounting” forever!

Also Learn How To Use Facebook Ads To Enjoy A STAMPEDE Of New Leads

Joining John on this webinar will be Facebook Ads specialist, Mitch Gibson.

He’ll demonstrate how you can add rocket-fuel to your INCENTIVE promotion by cleverly marketing it to your target audience via Facebook advertising.

Mitch will showcase examples of how other businesses have used Facebook ads to attract both “leads” & increase “conversions” – showcasing “real examples” so you can take away the formula.

When you combine the “laser targeting” of Facebook advertising with an attractive “FREE BONUS” (ie: an incentive), the result can be quite staggering.

It’s a classic “message to market match” scenario – sort of “a perfect storm”…….the right INCENTIVE targeted at THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

Facebook is the “most laser-targeted” advertising platform the world has ever seen.

So imagine the impact of being able to cost-effectively promote your “incentive” via this platform!

Mitch will show you HOW to do it inexpensively & strategically!

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