Discover A NEW Way To Boost Sales FAST!

Webinar Length Is Just 66 Mins.

We know you’ve probably been invited to attend a gazillion “live webinars” during this COVID period.

But rest assured that THIS ONE will be “very different” from the regular webinars…….as it concentrates on showing you how to STOP price-discounting by implementing “incentive-based” marketing tactics.

No matter WHAT your business-type is, you’ll find this webinar to be MASSIVELY VALUABLE in helping you build more sales.

It features master marketer, John Dwyer, a “marketing maverick” who has a habit of devising concepts that break records.

John will be presenting a jaw-dropping NEW way for you to get leads & conversions, where you can offer prospective customers a Free “Drive Or Fly” 3 Night Luxury Holiday in return for doing business with you.

John will be joined by digital advertising manager, Mitch Gibson – who’ll be showing you HOW to gain a bucketload of “warm leads” using a clever Facebook advertising formula.

When you combine Mitch & John, you’ve got a “creative powerhouse” – & they have the “case studies” to prove they know what they’re doing when it comes to “customer-incentive” marketing!

Imagine being able to offer new clients a FREE AUSSIE LUXURY HOLIDAY worth up to $1,200.

And Wait For It…The Family Holiday Costs You Just $97

You pay just $97 for each holiday…….with your customers having the choice of dozens of 4 Star Tripadvisor rated resorts & hotels across Australia.

John’s company has been able to secure “unsold hotel rooms” & therefore can offer these family getaways for this insane price.

And regardless of state border restrictions at any time, there’s plenty of “drivable locations” your customers can enjoy – & they can choose to fly or drive.

(We’re talking about great holiday spots along The Great Ocean Road in Victoria & in NSW, the likes of Sydney, Kiama, Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Byron Bay – & in Qld, idyllic places like the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Townsville, Cairns & Port Douglas)

One thing’s for sure – you won’t see a “leads & sales juggernaut” like this too often – so make sure you register & enjoy the “marketing magic” that this “outside-the-box” thinking delivers!


Let’s face it……..if you were one of two similar businesses vying for the same customer at around the same price – but YOU offered the prospect a FREE FAMILY AUSSIE HOLIDAY, “which” business do you think would win?

Your competition would immediately be rendered “invisible” – there’s no way any competitor can compete with a “FREE BONUS” like this, worth up to $1,200.

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Imagine The Advantage You’ll Have By Offering Your Prospects A FREE AUSSIE HOLIDAY!

In the “highly competitive” market you’re in, you want to avoid the trap of “discounting”.

It not only cheapens “your brand”, it’s simply NOT sustainable.

You want to “TAKE THEIR EYES OFF THE PRICE”, not focus on the dollars!

On the webinar, John & Mitch will be demonstrating WHY “price discounting” should be replaced with “value-adding”.

He’ll showcase a BRAND NEW way of getting leads & closing them…….& how you can retain your margin by “taking their eyes OFF the price!”

And he’ll show you how your compelling offer can be communicated via clever Facebook Ads.

It’s called “incentive-based” marketing – & it’s a jaw-dropping way of getting out of the “sea of sameness” that no doubt exists in your industry.

Click the image to the left & you’ll see the Vacation Accommodation Voucher that you’d give to clients who qualified.

So Who Is John Dwyer & Why Should You Reserve Some Time To Listen To His Advice?

John Dwyer is a marketing enigma, specialising in “INCENTIVE-BASED” marketing advice.

When it comes to creating “warm leads” for any business (including wedding businesses), his thinking is refreshingly unconventional.

And he’s the guy who got Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement a few years back, to front an Aussie bank’s advertising campaign!

As an in-demand marketing consultant, John has worked with numerous long term clients such as News Ltd, Madura Tea, 7 Eleven, Parramatta Leagues, KFC & the Greater Building Society.


In the instance of the Greater Building Society, John’s “Get A Home Loan & Get A Free Holiday” incentive campaign TRIPLED BUSINESS IN 18 MONTHS… BILLIONS of dollars.

And he scored a remarkable coup by signing comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, as the face of the Greater “Free Holiday” campaign.

He has helped all types of business skyrocket their revenues by doing things VERY DIFFERENT from “the norm”.

John knows that wedding business owners are flat-chat busy – so he has ensured that this concept is easy to implement – ie: “set & forget”.

He is the CEO of The Institute Of Wow and lives by his company’s mantra …..”Delivering The Unexpected!

John secured Jerry Seinfeld as spokesperson for an Australian bank - a huge marketing coup.

Here’s Proof Of The IMPACT This Incentive Can Have On Sales!

Solar Company DOUBLES Sales & Home Hardware Business Gets 450% Lift In Revenue!

Have a quick look at the 3 min video to the right & you’ll see a few “very happy” business owners who have enjoyed extraordinary results from using the “holiday incentive!”

Both biz owners were able to take their prospects’ eyes OFF THE PRICE by offering them a Free Aussie Holiday…….plain & simple!!

And we all know that when you’re able to “avoid” price-discounting, you retain the integrity of your good brand & you enjoy GOOD MARGIN!

You’ll also learn how to create a predictable flow of “cost-effective leads” through social media advertising, particularly via Facebook ads.

Wait till you see “the winning FB ad formula” these two marketing gurus have created.

Using the “holiday incentive”, one of their clients recently got 142 leads from Facebook advertising……..wait for it………at $1.52 per lead…….& the business is selling a $2,500 product!

So even if the business only closed 1 in 10 leads, each $2,500 sale would’ve only cost just over $15 in FB ads……extraordinary!

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